18. What questions should I ask about a clinical trial to find out more?


These are some of the questions you may like to ask before deciding whether to take part in a clinical trial.


• What is the aim of the trial and how will it help children and teenagers?
• What treatment will I get if I don't take part in the trial?
• How long is the trial expected to last and how long will I have to take part?
• How long will it be before the results of the trial are known?
• What will happen if I stop the trial treatment or leave the trial before it ends?
• How much of my time will I have to give?
• What extra tests or appointments will I have?
• Will I need to take time off school?
• Will I need extra help from family and friends?
• Will I have to fill in questionnaires or keep a diary?
• What are the possible side-effects of my treatment?
• How could the treatment affect me physically and emotionally?
• Who can I contact if I have a problem? How can I contact them?
• How do I find out the results at the end of the trial?