Will I find out the results?


It may be some time before the results of a trial become available. Some large trials involve thousands of people and can run for five years or even longer before every participant has been assessed. There may be years between when you take part and when the trial finishes. At the end of the trial, the study sponsor (e.g. the company) should make the results available to everyone who took part. If not, you can always ask the investigator or your doctor to tell you about the conclusions. The results should provide more information about the possible risks and benefits of the different treatments that have been tested. They may help you and others like you to make more informed decisions about your healthcare. Some investigators will also work with patient groups to ensure that the results of trials reach other patients. Investigators have a responsibility to publicise the results of their trial even if the results show that a new treatment doesn't work. They might do this at a conference, in a medical journal or in the press.