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RTÉ's Aine Lawlor launching clinicaltrials.ie along with Health Research Board CEO Enda Connolly, IPPOSI CEO Eibhlin Mulroe and former IPPOSI Chairperson Margaret Webb



This website and the associated documents are part of an IPPOSI information campaign intended to advise the public about clinical trials. From the research which IPPOSI has undertaken, we know that providing information increases the positive attitude which people have about participating in a clinical trial. Increasing the willingness of people to participate in such research will inevitably help to develop new treatments and therapies for patients. To find out more information about taking part in a clinical trial click on the appropriate age category for you.


The Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science (IPPOSI) and Industry ensures patients in Ireland have prompt access to new and developing innovative therapies. IPPOSI is a patient-led platform which brings together patient organisations’, science, industry and where possible state agencies to build consensus on policy, legislation and regulation of the development of new medicines, products, devices and diagnostics for un-met medical needs in Ireland.

Our content partner for those sections dealing with children is the National Children’s Research Centre (NCRC) is a charitable organisation and the largest paediatric research facility in the Republic of Ireland. It supports investigations into the cause, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of childhood illness and injury, through a series of research grants to principal investigators (senior doctors and scientists) and through an MD/PhD/MSc academic training programme. The NCRC is funded by the Children’s Medical Research Foundation (CMRF).


The original IPPOSI information campaign was based on text provided by an FP7 Project, Patient Partner and EGAN. It was applied in the Irish context with the assistance of ICRIN. The text for the series of leaflets aimed at children participating in a clinical trial was developed by the National Children’s Research Centre, Paediatric Clinical Research Unit, and was reviewed by the Ethics Committee of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin; Temple Street Children’s University Hospital Research Unit & Child Health Information Centre and IPPOSI.


In 2009 IPPOSI  published its report into the Irish General Public's Attitude Towards Clinical Research. The report was officially launched at the IPPOSI National Strategic Forum for Clinical Research which took place in Farmleigh House, Dublin on November 27th, 2009.

To download the report, click here





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